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Safety 1st Clean

Queen City Airport New Cleaning Standard

NATA (National Air Transportation Association) presented Safety 1st Clean – an infectious disease response cleaning standard for Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). The program was produced by the NATA Safety Committee and COVID Task Force to provide general guidance on facility cleaning, disinfecting, and facility operations in response to a pandemic. The goal of this standard is to safeguard FBO team members, corporate assets, and the general flying public.

Safety 1st Clean can be achieved through the increased safety protocols and programs businesses have already put in place – further emphasizing their commitment to their employees and customers. This program provides a self-certification process that allows FBOs to highlight their conformance to this standard by displaying the Safety 1st Clean logo.

Queen City Airport has completed the following requirements to meet the Safety 1st Clean Standard:

 Has the organization implemented a hazard communication program?

 Have all employees received training on implementing social distancing at work?

✓ Have all employees received training on proper personal hygiene at work?

✓ Have all employees been advised that they should stay home from work if exposed to contagions or develop symptoms?

✓ Does the organization have policies in place to evaluate team members for symptoms of disease prior to and during work?

✓ Are employees required to utilize face covering in settings where social distancing is difficult to maintain?

✓ Are team member areas cleaned and disinfected daily?

✓ Is ABHR readily available in all team member areas?

 Does the organization provide covered waste containers for disposal of tissues, paper towels, masks and other team member disposable items that might be contaminated?

✓ Are lobby and other general passenger areas cleaned as disinfected?

✓ Are supplies provided for client use (pens, etc.) cleaned and disinfected?

 Has the organization implemented credit card processing protocols that seeks to minimize contact with contagions?

✓ Is ABHR in customer areas available and easy to see and access?

✓ Are pilots lounges cleaned and disinfected daily?

✓ Are restrooms checked for cleanliness at least hourly?

✓ Are restrooms cleaned and disinfected daily?

✓ Are conference rooms cleaned and disinfected between use?

✓ Is ABHR available in all conference rooms?

✓ Is conference room seating arranged to maintain social distancing?

 Is the ice machine school sanitized daily?

✓ Are only individual-use plastic bags (or other equally protective product) used to transport ice to customers?

 Are team members required to wear appropriate PPE, including gloves and face coverings, when handling garbage?

✓ Has the organization implemented a schedule to ensure garbage disposal cans, baskets and other containers are emptied regularly to prevent overflowing?

✓ Are crew cars, shuttle vans and other shared-used vehicles cleaned and disinfected between use?

To learn more about NATA Safety 1st Clean standard, click here!


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