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Phillips 66 Aviation Rebate

Phillips 66® Aviation, a proud supporter of EAA and Young Eagles®, is committed to spreading awareness and excitement about general aviation to the youth of America. Introduced in 1994, the Phillips 66 Aviation Rebate Program continues to support the pilots who make this possible.

More than 5,000 pilots have already taken advantage of the Phillips 66 avgas rebate to introduce more than 350,000 kids to the wonders of flight. Earn a $1.00 rebate per gallon after flying Young Eagles.

World Fuel Rewards

Enroll. Earn. Enjoy.

When paying with a World Fuel contract or an Avcard/ Co-Branded Avcard and Phillips 66 cards individuals will receive 1 point for every gallon of Jet-A purchased. For more details and information or to become a World Fuel Rewards member today, click here!

Compassion Flight

Are you flying a compassion flight? If so, please click here for rebate offers.

We accept the following credit cards: AvCard, Phillips 66, MULTISERVICE, US Bank, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Contact us for daily fuel prices: 610-791-5173


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